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The human World is hopeful because we are Alive!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Social media has brought the world to our fingertips. In the midst of the noise of the deafening flow of information -and misinformation, - it is not difficult to see the workings of ancient-old intricacies between, for example, money, organized religion, and politics and behind them the excessive greed and power of many of the financially richest 15 million people in the world.

Also, growing demonstrations around the planet tell of another component of the human narrative that is unfolding. People from all walks of life, social classes, sectors, and perspectives are publicly joining in expressing their suffering, frustration, anxiety and desires. Many are choosing to do so gracefully and peacefully even in the midst of losing the lives of community leaders in violent acts like in Colombia, for example.

One truth is that more and more individuals of all ages throughout the world are connecting with something deeper within and, in doing so, redefining the means of public dialogue. This is a kind of change that no authoritarian government, far left or right, capitalistic, socialist or the mega churches can't stop.

This is a powerful phenomenon that we must honor by considering it because it informs a fundamental and transcendental step in the history of human development. That is the capacity to find peace within and to connect and become more conscious of our values, thoughts and actions. This kind of unfolding is essential now when we are confronted with social ills of the past and the gravest of ecological challenges that is threatening the extinction of many species including ours. Only from that space within can each activate the true and only power all human beings really have, the power to choose how we respond to what happens around us.

Today we have the great opportunity to advanced the human condition. We can do so by paying attention to that which causes us to feel inspired and connected with the sacred in our experience or we can choose to let our existence remain deafened by the ancient-old conditioning noise that, based on fear, causes anxiety and suffering and paralyzes or misdirects our divine creative spirit.

Each human being is an instrument of life and consciousness. Life and consciousness are constant and eternal streams of energy. Our emotions are energy in movement. Expressing them actualizes and humanizes our experience. It is a first step toward different conscientious behaviors and actions. This is the highest form of responsibility of a human being.

Young people and women, in particular, are leading us. Sustained massive demonstrations throughout Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, among other parts of the world, show how the life force is evoking a fresh consciousness. With it we all are crystallizing new symbols, language, and meaning. The human world is hopeful because we are alive!

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