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Aura Camacho-Maas uses her episodic, intimate, and reflective observations to support her evolving intuition and worldview. She sees fear as the basis of discord and discrimination in the world.


She possesses an easygoing sophistication that make the analysis of her revelations accessible while she probes the deeper meaning behind each of her experiences. She addresses the human drama not shining away from discussing her mental health struggles, repressed anguish, and emotional burnouts with gentle sensitivity, seamlessly blending her interpersonal, psychological, and spiritual experiences.

In the world of doing, working on an international visual arts project with middle school age children from across the Americas Maas, she encountered the link that connected her life with the healing of her heart and with the world of being.

Aura's lessons in the healing and dismantling of the self are profound and make her journey feel both mystical and wholesome.

In the field of education, she created Innovating for Education -www.innovatingforeducation.com- a model program in which she synthesizes all her experience and knowledge acquired during her field work. The main aspect of the model is an itinerant teacher training program focused on the ongoing collection and integration of knowledge, experience and wisdom of all participants in the education process, particularly that of children, for the design of relevant classroom tools and strategies. 

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Fear is the basis of discord and discrimination in the world.


"Pathways to One America in the 21st Century," President's Initiative on Race Relations, White House

"Best Diversity Practice," National Association of Counties

Best Arts in Education Program, Arts North Carolina

Education Award, YWCA Wake County Academy of Women

YMCA International Service Award

Distinguished Women of North Carolina, NC Council of Women.

Butterfly Uprooting Fear

Aura has a Bachelor in Multi-Disciplinary Studies, Business Administration and Communications from North Carolina State University; Leadership Triangle, Triangle Community Foundation; Non-Profit Management Program, Duke University; Leadership Institute, Association of Performing Arts Presenters, University of California at Berkeley, California; Frances Hesselbain Fellow, Peter Drucker Foundation; and a fellow of the William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations. She was a member of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latin American Affairs, the Closing the Achievement Gap Commission and the North Carolina Human Relations Commission.