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Guided by intuition I wished to comprehend what was behind the two extreme emotions that, since childhood, had marked my path. They were anger and harmony.

This lead me to a three-decade hands-on exploratory journey seated on the formal education process. There, while creating and applying cultural diversity, race relations, multidisciplinary and teacher training strategies in English and Spanish, I arrived at one conclusion. 

The heart of the adult world was overburdened with

fear, prejudice, distrust, etc.

The weight of accumulated unprocessed emotions

betrayed the best of its intentions and help perpetuating the pain and suffering its causes. 

Later, working with middle-school age children to see the effects of the state of the adult world on theirs, I heard them declaring:

"The world is plagued with

prejudice and distrust.

It is a world full of fear." 


What was the next step to follow this life-long inquire?

Find out! 

Uprooting Fear - The Heart's Accidental Journey to the Divine


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Pathways to One America

in the 21st Century 

Promising Practices for Racial  Reconciliation” 
President Bill Clinton

Initiative on Race  Relations
The White House


A Model of Teaching

North Carolina University System

Best Innovative and Creative

Diversity Program
National Association of  Counties, Naco

Best Arts in Education Program
ARTS North Carolina

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