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Searching to understand what causes fear and harmony brought about a tree-decade journey creating and applying cultural diversity, race relations and multidisciplinary academic and enrichment, and teacher training strategies working with adults and children. 

This fieldwork informed about the endemic dysfunction

that pervades the education process and the world.

Intuition and Reason in Action

The depth of the dysfunction was revealed by middle school-age children. They, in drawings and words, confirmed

the fieldwork's findings.


They said:


The world is plagued with prejudice and distrust.

It is a world full of fear. 


Although the programs and strategies received support and were awarded many accolades and honors,

the search to find the root cause of the dysfunction that perpetually betrays even the best of our intentions was prevailing. 


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A Model of Teaching

North Carolina University System  

Pathways to One America

in the 21st Century 

Promising Practices for Racial  Reconciliation” 
President Bill Clinton

Initiative on Race  Relations
The White House

Best Innovative and Creative

Diversity Program
National Association of  Counties, Naco

Best Arts in Education Program
ARTS North Carolina

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