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Butterfly Aura Camacho-Maas

Collective Journey
Healing the Heart 
Identifying and Confirming
the Human Dysfunction

A three-decade long organic and structured and intuitive and rational multidisciplinary exploratory process was conducive to

multiagency collaboration.

There the creation, innovation, field testing and integration of award-winning classroom and community practices and strategies gave the basis for an Integral Education Model that included a

Teacher Training Program.

Integral Education Model 
Picture1 (2021_01_29 23_49_57 UTC).png
Phase I

Phase I identifyed and brought together the parents, students, school administrators, teachers and others in the target community. They conformed a planning team and a working structure. 

Phase II
Phase III

Phase II the planing team created a multidisciplinary summer program curriculum based on the adults and children's input. Regular classroom teachers and college students applied and tested new education instruments and community strategies.

Phase II.jpg
Phase III.jpg

 Phase III program participants collected and organized the results and shared them with a new teachers and education college students' cohort.  

End Result.gif

This work demonstrated that lack of creativity and innovation are not the problem. 
Eventually it was clear that the dysfunction
is an individual condition that ends up affecting the collective. 

Where to go to find answers

The root cause of the dysfunction was still elusive.

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