Butterfly Aura Camacho-Maas



We live in a culture of fear. If unresolved, fear, with the force of an ancient glacier, will continue to carve the landscape of our life experiences. We must release the fear that for eons has accumulated in our heart.

This is a true story about what happened to me as I learned to acknowledge and honor fear and find love, guided by Spirit as the life-giving creative force permeating all that is and is to become. I learned that love and fear are the emotional forces at each end of the human experience.

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia in what felt like a boiling cauldron of fear and emotional pain caused by my father’s rage and my mother’s emotional distance. Growing up, whenever I felt sad, angry, or even happy, my father would sense my mood and immediately and condemningly say to me “Que le pasa?” “What’s the matter with you?” When I turned to my mom with open heart for help, she always walked away.

Growing up in this environment, guidance from my soul started from almost inaudible whispers, growing louder and louder, expanding my emerging consciousness. I, in tiny steps, became able to extract fear out of conflict, and I gradually found what I needed for my soul’s evolution.

You will read about these early experiences as a child and young adult in the first few chapters as a deeply personal yet broadly universal story. It provides a foundation of understanding for all that comes later about fear, education, and spiritual growth. 

In later chapters you will read that the basis for all that I must tell lies with 

Uprooting Fear by Aura Camacho-Maas

...four revelations and the access to ancestral wisdom...

around them that have made my life a mystical experience.

Take my words to heart. They show a way out of our abyss of fear and the path to the Divine.


Aura Camacho-Maas, 2020


"Captivating. Deeply personal. Immensly universal."

- Jamie Eggleston, USA

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