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An Important Book
for a Difficult Time 

We live in a culture of fear. If we don't resolve it, with the force of an ancient glacier, fear will continue to run rampant, carving the landscape of our life experiences.


Today, the time has come when we have to free ourselves from the power that, since millenary times, this emotion has exercised in our lives.


This is a true story of how, guided by the Spirit or the force of life that pervades everything, I follow a path that, in search of harmony, leads me to explore the field of cultural diversity and human relations in the educational process. ​ Thus, I learn to recognize, honor and understand the trauma that blankets the human experience with fear.


Since I was a child, I felt like living in a boiling cauldron full of fear and physical, mental and emotional pain caused by my father's eternal anger and my mother's impenetrable emotional distance. ​


But also from an early age I felt something or someone guiding me. That guide, which at the beginning were almost imperceptible whispers, over time, became resplendent rays that, today, still continue to illuminate and expand my consciousness. Thus the power of fear has continued to extinguish leaving space open for the evolution of my soul. ​


You will read about these early experiences as a child and young adult in the early chapters as a deeply personal yet broadly universal story. This provides an understanding basis for everything I discuss later about education, managing fear, and the path to spiritual enlightenment. ​


Take my words seriously. In them the Spirit shows a way not to fall into the abyss of fear and stay on the path to the light.


Deeply personal.
Immensely universal.

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The photos and videos in this site capture and honor intimate moments

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practical way to connect with Spirit within.

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