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Information that supports contemplating 

Life (all forms) as Consciousness

passing through Eternity (Time)

First of Four Redeeming Steps for Humanity

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Photo y Aura Camacho-Maas

Saying enough is enough—about the pervasive and brutal mass killings, the political and environmental catastrophes, and the greediness, among other vices, that today overtake our experience of the world—means nothing unless it leads us to the conviction to take only life-giving actions, not just make more political/ideological arguments.

A conviction is a firm belief derived from direct experiences, not an ideology that is a dogma, a philosophy. Conviction then becomes the mother of invention that allows fresh intuition about life-giving values, attitudes and behaviors relevant to the present. Acting out of conviction, we let go of attachments to the ways of the past, including blaming ourselves and others.

For those not satisfied with just saying "enough is enough" and for those feeling "disillusioned" with the social structures ruling the world, following is one of a four redeeming steps Spirit delineates for us.

In a visionary dream Spirit invites us to contemplate the negative and repetitive cycling dynamics that have characterized human history. (See First Revelation. pg. 107 Uprooting Fear - The Heart's Accidental Journey to the Divine). At the end Spirit says that:

All is Well When the Content of the Heart is Considered.

Modern science, based on the accumulation of acquired experience knowledge about the physical world reports that the universe is energy. We and everything around us is interconnected energy.

Science also today recognizes that the human heart is the emotional center that processes the energetic charges created by thoughts, emotions, and feelings or the memories of them.

The lack of this understanding is what makes the heart barely function causing the lack of a moral compass and the state of dehumanization that we are experiencing. This became a truthful fact for me when, two decades ago, middle school-age children declared discouraged:

Human dysfunction is caused by a heart full of pain.

Consider that, among all the other atrocities in the world today, children continue to kill themselves or others. Their heart, overwhelmed by the pain of accumulated trauma, periodically and more frequently explodes energetic releases that, like water from a broken dam, end up flooding the land and rooting our experience with more fear, pain and death in their wake. These facts, unlike in the past, today touch the individual day-to-day experience everywhere in the planet. Nevertheless, if we care to pay careful attention, they are also the source of new convictions.

It follows that in order for the heart to healthily function we have to allow for it to release its burdens by creating systematic and organized individual and collective spaces where adults and children may recognize and honor the content of the heart as well as ways to gather all the resulting information applicable to improving the human condition. This most incredibly important and sacred task has to be the basis of the formal educational process.

In fact, it is within this space that people and communities are to find the answers about who we are and about our purpose on this planet. This information must be the basis of processes that support individual and collective creativity. Contemplating the content of the heart we open the doors to our eternal wisdom. This is the reason Spirit says that All is Well When the Content of the Heart is considered.

Copyright © Aura Camacho-Maas – July 2022. All rights reserved.

Author of Uprooting Fear-The Heart's Accidental Journey to the Divine.

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