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Butterfly Aura Camacho-Maas Mystic

Aura Camacho-Maas

Intuition and Reason
Practical Application of Spirituality


Dear reader, welcome to my site.

I am originally from Bogotá, Colombia, and have lived in the United States since 1981. In the following pages I share different aspects of my life's journey that contextualize the experience of many around the world.

​In INTUITION AND REASON IN ACTION I attempt to summarize the lifelong soul-searching and practical application of spirituality that has occupied my existence ultimately focusing on the healing of my heart from trauma.

This exhaustive search brought about three decades of field work in education working with adults and later children. This work informed that the world is afflicted with an endemic condition where prejudice and fear abound causing pain, all forms of it.

​That children age 9-to-12 knew and understood this condition so well absolutely befuddled me. And, for the first time in mi life, I didn't know what else to do to alleviate what felt urgent to address.

In trying to understand, two revelations opened an alternative path where more real than real experiences gave form and content to a decade-long full-blown mystical experience ending with two more revelations. 

When I was able to look back, I realized that the four revelations guide a transformative process toward a change of paradigm. 

Still, an unknown fear was blocking my way to communicate clearly. There would be one more step I needed to follow. That was to heed the advice of the first revelation.  

I was obliged to confront and acknowledge that, all throughout my childhood and early adulthood via direct experience, I was exposed to the root cause of the endemic dysfunction that affects the world as well as graced by ancient wisdom about its healing. 

​In BOOK, through an intimate and sincere narration, I share the passionate, intense, tortuous, and ultimately transcendental journey. ​A journey where the intuitive and the rational have always support me. A journey that has manifested the survivor, artist, seeker, cultural activist, community leader, educator, mystic and author.

​​In BLOG, in words and photos, I share what the intuitive and rational communicate while I walk any trail that comes my way.

​​​In EVENTS I share about my availability to make in-person and online presentations.

​Dear reader, this is a journey that today nurtures a healthy, peaceful, and joyful life that I share with my husband of 40 years, friends, and the sun, the moon, the stars, the oceans, and all life forms. 

​I invite you to peruse throughout these pages as they might inform of the many ways that, without noticing, we are walking own path toward inner peace and harmony.


From the Heart, 

Aura Camacho-Maas

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