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Four Transcendental Steps

Illuminating Ancient Wisdom

5 out of 5 stars!

Truly Inspirational.

I enjoyed reading this book. The author's painful family life and early educational experiences were deeply felt. Her spiritual journey and getting in touch with her moral compass can be a guide for us all. The final chapter (Transcendence) ties her message of hope and living through one's heart together. Inspirational!

- James E. Seitz, USA

Powerful Book.

I recommend this book to everyone seeking guidance towards a better, more fulfilling life. After reading it, I felt energized and more focused on my goals. This book is an excellent source of spiritual enlightenment.

- CS, USA 

Deeply personal and uplifting.

I loved how the author shared so much about her life. Her descriptions of her spiritual experiences were inspiring to me.

- JM, USA 

We all are in the search to become better human beings. Many in the constant search find the tools and light in the path. Others simply continue in darkness because they don’t know how and where to search. From the beginning, this shocking story grabs and immerses the reader in the internal discoveries of the author that are both personal and universal. This story can help many people.

- Janeth Charris, Colombia

I read it twice. And I will keep on reading it again and again. So easy to read and very interesting indeed.

- Rose Carr, England

I loved reading your book! Overall, there were many great life lessons and deep thoughts to consider which I thoroughly enjoyed.

- Shirley Okereke, USA

I love it. The writing is so strong, authentic and honest. 

- Mary Ryan, Ireland

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