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I am a contemporary mystic.


As an instrument of Spirit, 

 my life is an ongoing process to live the ups and downs of the human experience and decode and put into context my understanding of four divine revelations.


Each revelation guides us to find and heal the roots of our suffering and stop us from perpetuating creating a chaotic world.   


My book Uprooting Fear - The Heart's Accidental Journey to the Divine is, to the best of my abilities, an attempt to document this process.  

Enjoy it!

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A Transcendental Memoir of Spiritual Seeking 
Uprooting Fear
The Heart's Accidental Journey to the Divine

Great for fans of Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

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A profoundly passionate memoir celebrating the discovery of spiritual strength and recognition of signs from the divine. Camacho-Maas begins with tracing her distressing early years in Bogotá, Colombia. Her father’s violence led her to construct an independent life at a rather young age. Once out in a world promising adventure, awareness, and freedom, Camacho-Maas took one faith-based step at a time, plunging into the arms of divinity and exploring the secrets of nature.


Camacho-Maas employs concise and effective writing as she shares earnest autobiographical accounts in episodic, intimate, and reflective observations that support her evolving intuitions and worldview. She sees fear as the basis of discord and discrimination in the world. Her easygoing sophistication makes the analysis of her revelations accessible while she probes the deeper meaning behind each experience. She does not shy away from discussing her mental health struggles, repressed anguish, and emotional burnouts with gentle sensitivity, seamlessly blending her interpersonal, psychological, and spiritual experiences in the later chapters.


Camacho-Maas’s lessons in the healing and dismantling of the self are profound and make her journey feel both mystical and wholesome.

Uprooting Fear is a memoir of spiritual seeking and a perfect fit for readers looking for storytelling with a transcendental quality.

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