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Aura Camacho-Maas

A Life Experience
Healing Trauma
Becoming one with Nature's Wonders

Dear readers, welcome to my site.​ ​


In INTUITION AND REASON I summarize the organic process that guided me in the practical application of the intuitive and rational while searching to find what caused me to know about fear and harmony. An inquiry that began early in my childhood.  

This, long-life process of introspection became one of deep and intense involvement with the world, including more than three decades of exhaustive fieldwork in education. There, while involving thousands of people from all levels of society, I learned that fear is the mother of prejudice and the root of the pain and suffering that characterizes the human condition. 


Then, when I heard 8 to 12 years old children speak with disappointment and hopelessness about the consequences of this reality on the state of the heart, my entire being stopped dead. There was urgency in the air and I couldn't even breathe anymore.


Without knowing where else to look for solutions, I fell into the abyss.​ My life had radically changed.


In darkness I entered an inner journey that was as intense and frugal. Two revelations gave shape and content to the search that continued for another long decade.


A solution came after executing the practical application of two more revelations, the decoding of an oracle -an object that appeared early in the journey- and the integration of my life story since birth.


On BOOK I share excerpts of the loving, penetrating, tortuous and transcendental journey that manifests in the experience of suffering and surviving and transcending trauma while in the roles of daughter, artist, seeker, cultural activist, community leader, educator , mystic and author.​ ​ This work continues today.

On BLOG, in words and photos, I share what intuitive and rational experience communicate as I continue my life's journey.​

In EVENTS I share moments of in-person and online presentations.​ ​​


Dear reader, I am originally from Bogotá, Colombia. I live in the USA since 1981. Today I live a healthy, peaceful and joyful life that I share with my husband of more than 40 years, friends and with the sun, the moon, the stars, the oceans and all forms of life.​ ​ ​


I invite you to read these pages. Perhaps you find in them something that resonates and that can help your journey towards living in harmony and inner peace.​


From the heart,


Aura Camacho-Maas

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